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360° Panoramic Ferrofluid Speaker Magnetic Fluid Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker High Quality Creative Gifts Four Color Lighting

360° Panoramic Ferrofluid Speaker Magnetic Fluid Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker High Quality Creative Gifts Four Color Lighting

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Brand Name : vbpbsql

Channels : 2 (2.0)

Width[mm] : 102mm

Voice Control : No

Speaker Type : Portable

Cabinet Material : Plastic

Use : home

Height[mm] : 120mm

Communication : AUX

Waterproof : No

Display Screen : No

Origin : Mainland China

Certification : CE

Sound Mode : 3D Surround Sound Mode

Sound Mode : Stereo Sound Mode

Audio Crossover : Full-Range

Input Power(W) : <25W

Weight[g] : 700g

Input/Output : USB

Number of Loudspeaker Enclosure : 1

Support APP : No

Battery : Yes

Bluetooth Version : 5.0

Intelligent Personal Assistant : none

Category : Speakers

Power Source : Battery

Choice : yes

semi_Choice : yes

  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Inspired by the ferrofluid substance featured in the Marvel movie "Venom", this product is designed to bring your music to life by visualizing sound in stunning, ever-changing patterns. With a sleek and modern design, our ferrofluid speakers are perfect for any living space or office setting.

  • HIGH-QUALITY SOUND: Enjoy crystal-clear audio with the powerful ferrofluid speaker, providing unbeatable sound quality for music, movies, and games.

  • 360° PANORAMIC VISUALS: The ferrofluid speaker uses an integrated transparent container, ensuring that you can admire the captivating sight of ferrofluid dancing to the rhythm of the music from any angle.

  • SEAMLESS BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY: Connect your phone or other device easily with 5.0 Bluetooth link, allowing for a seamless audio experience from anywhere in the room.

  • PERFECT GIFT: Our Ferrofluid speaker is the perfect gift for Christmas, birthdays, holidays, Father's Day, Mother's Day, and Thanksgiving Day. Surprise your loved ones with this unique and innovative speaker that they'll love.

What is Ferrofluid?

Developed by NASA, the magnetic liquid was originally used in rocket ships to control fuel in zero gravity.

In June 2020, Bock Warning, and Cyberslee, discovered that magnetic fluids could be used to create an art rhythm.

Now, we've harnessed its power to bring you stunning graphics that enhance your listening experience.

Product Description


  • After a long time of playback, the device often shuts down automatically: unplug the power and turn it back on;

  • Bluetooth lag: whether it exceeds the effective connection distance of the speaker, or there are obstacles between the speaker and the Bluetooth device;

  • Pairing: unsuccessful

  • to. Check whether the speaker is in the search state, or restart the system;

  • b. There are too many peripheral Bluetooth devices, causing difficulty in searching, and turning off other Bluetooth devices.

  • The ferrofluid will show agglomeration,disperse,suspending,sinking and other states with different music/sounds. These are the physical properties offerrofluid bodies, not a quality issue.

  • Part of the material components of the ferrofluid of the product are: pure water, mineral oil, and nano-iron powder, all of which are non-toxic and harmless.

  • lt is prohibited to use it in high temperature and sun exposure environment.

  • High temperature (such as inside a car) and sun exposure environment will cause the liquid to expand and cause the glass bottle to burst.

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