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Wholesale Orange Smoothie Automat Maker For Home

Wholesale Orange Smoothie Automat Maker For Home

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Product Description
Product Name
blender electric mixer
Mode Number
Bottle capacity
Bottle material
PCTG food grade
Battery type/capacity
Charging time
About 3-5hours
Single working time
blade material
304 stainless steel
Working Voltage
Engine speed
charging mode
Using phone charger or power bank
CE/RHOS/FCC/Appearance patent
Details Images
Six SUS304 blades, two blades are with sawtooth to cut ingredients into small pieces, the rest four flat blades work perfect for blending.
Magnetic lock, we call it safety lock. The blender won't work until safety lock twisted into the right position.
USB-C Charging port, it's fully waterproof, customers can wash it randomly without any hesitation after using it.
Product Usage
    • Introduction to product use

1. Charge with the included USB cable. Clean your blender before first use: add water, a
drop of soap, mix and rinse. Cut the fruit/solids into small pieces.
2. Add the liquid first, then add the solids. Do not overfill.
3. Tighten the lid and double click the power button to blend for a 30 second cycle. Gently shake the body of the cup while blending for best results.
4. Enjoy your blended creation and remember to clean after each use.
  • Product use effect description

Add a little liquid to get a complete fruit mixture. Especially for baby food manufacturers.
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